As I sit more often in quiet contemplation after a busy holiday season, I find myself  attuned to simple but amazing moments in which gratitude washes over me.  ‘I have so much to be thankful for!’ I suddenly realize.  ‘In this moment, all is well.’  That’s something to be grateful for.  My heart swells, and sometimes… my eyes even well up. It might sound cheesy, but hey, at least I’m not saying ‘#grateful’.  Oh I just did, didn’t I? In all honesty, I know my finest treasures are my close friends and family.  They’re there for me any hour of any day, and I them.  Anything seems possible with their support.

I have something else I’m thankful for.  My work!  I’ve had my private business for five years now and it’s helped me create the life I want; one of work/life balance.  More amazingly, when I work, it just feels like an extension of living: helping, giving, sharing, learning.  I motivate, and am motivated. I inspire, and am inspired. A beautiful give and take.



I wrote this fun list a while back, and my son thinks it’s hilarious, but I’m dead serious.

Well, not THAT serious.


The top 10 reasons I love my job are:

  1. I get to wear track pants to work every day.
  2. I don’t own a pair of pantyhose.
  3. I get to boss people around all day.
  4. I must practice what I preach and keep fit.
  5. I meet awesome people.
  6. I’m always learning.
  7. I’m the only boss of me (I love my boss!).
  8. I make my own schedule.
  9. My work helps others.
  10. It allows balance in my life!

Bonus reason: No cubicle. I’m claustrophobic.




  • May 2, 2017 Reply

    Che Anne Loewen

    That’s great Leigh!

    • July 18, 2018 Reply

      Leigh Graham

      Thanks Che! Love my work and my people 🙂

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