Personal Training


Leigh facilitates one-on-one exercise sessions in your home!

Included are a personal assessment, an ongoing exercise program with regular updates, along with continued support and encouragement in your sessions.

You will be guided through simple but effective exercise routines that keep you strong and vibrant.

If you’re concerned about space, equipment, or experience, don’t be! You don’t need much of any of these to get going!

  • $100 + HST for a one-hour session
  • $950 + HST for ten one-hour sessions


I returned from a trip to China in January 2012 with a rare form of reactive arthritis that left me crippled and stuck in an easy chair 24/7. Leigh patiently taught me how to build strength in my hands and legs again and develop an exercise routine to rebuild stamina. I have been working with her for 2 1/2 years and recovered from my illness and am on my way to building visible muscles and stamina for the first time in my life. Leigh has been a positive, encouraging force in my life. I highly recommend her to anyone at any level of physical fitness who wants to learn and grow. She’s a gem.

Paul Crosby, Toronto, Age 53

I have been meaning to write for a while to say Thank You. You have given my mom three gifts…the gift of strength, the gift of confidence, and the gift of companionship. Any one of the three is cause for great thankfulness but all three is truly quite remarkable.

You must see it yourself…but hear it now from another who listens…you have made a great difference in the life of someone most special.

David, son of client, Toronto, Age 100!

I started with Leigh about 8 weeks after my son was born. I had 8 weeks after that to fit into a wedding dress that I had purchased prior to being pregnant. (No pressure) I started off with the warm up package so I could get my eating on track as well. Leigh and Lara were amazing. Lara helped me get back on track and figured out exactly what I need to do with my diet in order to reach my goal considering that I was still feeding my son.

Leigh came to my house each session and worked with not only my environment, but my new son’s mood. Some days we needed to incorporate him and she didn’t miss a beat. Each session, she read my ability and matched it to perfection. I pushed myself like I had never done before. I reached my goal in in the end which was huge (I gained 40 pounds, lost 20 in the first 8 weeks and 20 with the team). I not only fit into my dress but feel so much better and have the energy I need to get through the day. I look better than I did before the baby, I kid you not.

I highly recommend. HIGHLY.

Denise, Toronto, Age 36

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