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Hi! I’m Leigh.

My life’s work was born with the mission to keep you fit and healthy at all ages and stages of your life!

I have had many incredible clients to crush goals with over the years, ranging in age from 14 to 100.

I am a Certified Fitness Coach (B. Honours Kinesiology, Older Adult Fitness Specialist) with twenty years of experience in the field. I specialize in delivering personal functional fitness and rehabilitative programs to mature adults, and others with unique considerations. I enjoy seeing participants gain freedom and independence following illness, injury, surgery, or even a period of inactivity.

Leigh has worked with my husband closely since he suffered a stroke nearly 4 years ago. Her expertise and care have been a key part of his recovery. She is very thorough and patient and it has been a real pleasure to work with her.

Susan Lewis, wife of client, Toronto, Age 76

I like to remind people that whatever happened in the past, and whatever you believe your limitations to be now, you CAN get moving, and keep improving. I first learned this very important lesson from my dear Dad, who became a paraplegic at the early age of 40. He and my Mom showed me that by focusing on Dad’s abilities, he could still enjoy much of the life they knew. Dad continued on with a rich career and family life, regular physical activity, travel, and many rewarding hobbies.

Now as your personal fitness coach, it’s my mission to get you focused not on your limitations, but on your many abilities!

With Leigh’s guidance, I have increased my strength and balance. She provides encouragement by identifying and praising my strengths, but also challenges me by subtly focusing on weaknesses to improve. She keeps me on task while varying the exercises to keep me interested. Somehow, she also makes our sessions fun!

Elizabeth, Toronto, Age 51

leigh-032-aboutYour goals are unique! Luckily, health has many measures. As your coach, when you tell me you FEEL better– have more energy, clarity, and even improved mood, I’m thrilled. The numbers at the doctors’ office are also a great measure; improved bone density, cholesterol level and blood pressure are successes we often see. Among the terrific benefits attainable, we can’t forget strength, flexibility and cardiovascular gains, and of course the ever-coveted great sleep!

I’m also a believer in enjoying one’s workouts. I myself love a good run, bike and swim. I practice yoga. I strength train. I’ve also been known to climb the odd cliff-face when given the chance. For me, the key to success is variety. My mission is to find out what your key to success is; that which will help you stay with a regime, and actually look forward to it.

Whether you’ve had a setback or are simply starting fresh, I’ll make it easy for you to integrate physical activity into your life by coming right to you! In your home, you will be guided through simple but effective exercise programs that keep you strong and vibrant. If you’re concerned about space or equipment, don’t be! You don’t need much of either to get going…

So… let’s get started! I look forward to hearing from you. Call me, or click below to book a consultation.

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