Seniors’ Fitness

For the Young at Heart, aged 50-150!

I am a dedicated seniors’ fitness trainer in Etobicoke, West Toronto.

You’re living a great life, and you want to continue an active and fulfilling lifestyle! You’ve dealt with some health challenges, or maybe you’re simply out of a healthy routine. Your body doesn’t feel the way it used to; you may have pain or weakness, overall stiffness, or a few more pounds than you bargained for!

While you want to be active and energized, you’re not sure where to start to feel amazing again. You’re not even sure if it’s possible anymore.

I’ve spent many years and thousands of hours guiding seniors (aged 50-100) back to great health and greater satisfaction. There’s nothing better than my clients telling me they’re back on the ski hill or tennis court after an injury or hiatus, or loving a new fitness regimen or physical activity they never imagined trying! The best part about starting with small, attainable goals is moving onto bigger, more exciting goals once we achieve them.

“But I have this special issue!” you say.

Chances are I’ve seen it, and even if I haven’t, we can work with it. Your ship has not sailed.

When I was five, my dad became a paraplegic. Focusing on his abilities (instead of his disability), he continued to live an active, joyful and fulfilled life. I’ve worked with pre- and post-surgery clients, those with dementia, addictions, Parkinson’s, cancer, neurological disorders, obesity, mental health issues, and survivors of strokes, heart attacks, falls and accidents. The one thing these clients had in common was the courage to ask, “Can I thrive again?” The answer is YES!

Even if you don’t have any of these health concerns, but you’re just getting started (or restarted) on your fitness journey, it can be overwhelming with all of the information out there. How can you know what’s going to work for you?

Building up strength, stamina, and flexibility safely and effectively, sleeping well, and getting back to living a life you love can actually be simpler than you think with the right guidance and accountability. I’d love to be your guide. Call me today to set up a free 30-minute consultation! 647-999-1750

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