Tell us a little about you.

I have been retired now for over three years following a 45 year military and business career (my last position was working at Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan) and am about to turn 70 (where did the time go?). To make matters worse, my wife just retired as well.

Since retirement I have devoted myself almost entirely to philanthropic leadership in Canada and internationally.

We do a ton of traveling (usually adventure tourism) all over the world and spend a lot of time with our six grandkids.

How long have you been training with Leigh?

I met Leigh when we moved into our condo late 2015. We have been training together twice a week since then (except when I am out of the country)

Have you worked with trainers in the past?

have consistently used personal trainers since 1998.

What are the benefits you notice from regular training?

Knowing that the trainer is coming to the house/condo at a specific day/time creates a real discipline to my work out schedule ie I cannot sleep in!! Also my trainers have been able to vary the programme to my needs, push me when I need it, ensure proper/safe technique and rehabilitate me through several injuries. In 2014 my trainer was able to get me in sufficient physical condition that I was able to join a ski expedition to the North Pole and out pace all the youngsters on the trip 🙂

What types of physical activities do you enjoy outside of the gym?

I golf (walking), cycle and ski (both Nordic and Alpine). Once a week I run 1,000 stairs at our condo (my wife does it two to three times a week).

We spend a lot of time at our country home (summer and winter) and most of our travels have been built around mountain trekking.

What shape would you say you’re in?

I am fortunate to be in good shape (my wife says that is because I married a younger woman) and although I am currently nursing a broken clavicle, my injury recovery times have been very rapid.

Do you feel you have any physical limitations?

No – but I have to remember that I am not 25 years old and what the mind thinks I can do is often in conflict with what my body can do! Growing old gracefully is not easy but slowing down and being realistic is smart.

You’ve had a recent downhill skiing injury. How has your fitness level affected your recovery?

I was in great shape after 28 straight days of skiing. I think that reduced the extent of the injury and has accelerated rehabilitation. But will only know when I step up to the first tee !!

What are your current fitness goals?

To keep up to my wife and grandkids. To maintain my weight in a healthy range (not scare anyone when I am in my bathing suit). To keeping walking the golf course until I am 85 years old.

What else can you say to people who are considering training with Leigh?

Leigh has become a partner in this voyage – she is fun but also a good task master (like playing golf with your spouse: she won’t let you cheat).

Thanks Jim!

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