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Denise pre-baby

Today I’m interviewing a postnatal fitness client of mine who knew how to achieve her goals. Firstly, she, acknowledged where she needed support.

Having met her after the birth of her first child, I knew I was in for a treat. Denise knew what goals she had and knew she needed help to get them. I designed a very challenging custom-made postnatal fitness regime that didn’t deplete this new mom’s energy. This was used in combination with a nourishing nutrition program, designed by my twin sister, Lara Jacob, N.D.

Denise got everything she needed to be healthy while tackling her very ambitious weight loss commitment. With a short, specific and measurable timeline, including the extra motivation of getting into an already purchased wedding gown for Denise, we started our journey together. I even got to have fun incorporating her new baby into our workouts!

She’ll now share some of the secrets of her success with us.

L: What made you decide to start training with a trainer? 

D: I knew I didn’t have time or motivation for the gym with a newborn.  I needed the push from someone and it needed to be in my home.  A trainer seemed like the only option.  

L: Why Prime Fitness? 

D: Leigh was highly recommended to me from an acquaintance of mine – I’m so pleased or I wouldn’t have known.

L: What were your specific goals and timeline? 

D: I needed to be at my pre-baby weight in order to fit into the wedding dress I already bought.  I only had 3 months.

L: What was your experience with the training?  

D: Leigh understood my limitations at first but pushed me when she knew she could, and it allowed me within a week to really start focusing on strengthening and sweating.

L: Did you achieve what you had hoped for? 

D: I weighed less than my pre-baby weight!  I actually bought another dress that suited my new waistline.

L: Any additional surprise benefits?

D: I was eating better, so my skin cleared up.  My mood was better and I dealt with sleepless nights a lot better.

L: What did you learn about yourself in the process? 

D: That I can do it, I just need the push.

L: What new fitness habits have you incorporated into your life as a result?

D: Regular exercise is part of my life, I go to the gym and still do a lot of the exercises Leigh taught me.

L: What new nutrition habits have you stuck with?

D: Most of them actually, I do indulge but on occasion.  Stick with organic, no GMO food and drink lotsa water!

L: What are you most proud of completing on this program?

D: Not missing or bailing on one session (3X per week)  it was key to my success given I have such a short timeline.

L: What advice would you give to those who are having difficulty starting a fitness regime? 

D: Getting help if you know you can’t do it on your own.  It’s a great kick start!

So there you have it, everyone. Another awesome success story. Denise, you’re an inspiration!


Denise Blinn goals achieved.

Congrats! For more than one reason…





P.S. Spoiler alert: Denise and I did it once more after the birth of her second child. We set a goal and achieved it again!

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