When pertaining to your health, the word ‘challenge’ is often used to describe a goal to push and strive for. Our society rewards overworking, overtraining, and ‘crushing’ our goals. While this can be motivating and even essential for hitting some targets, we can sometimes benefit from viewing ‘challenge’ differently. As a vehicle for balance.

You can first look at your natural tendencies for clues, and with that information, find ways to incorporate something new. Ask yourself first: Am I driven by my to-do list… in charge and control of all aspects of my life? Or am I more free-flowing…Observing and reacting to my environment?

While many of us need guidance and accountability to establish a healthy routine, some of us are pushing too hard. Trying more does not necessarily equal better results. It may be a ‘challenge’ for you to slow down. To let go; to listen. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t benefit from it.

How can you tell if you’re not benefitting from your personal ‘challenge’ mentality?

You’re not getting one or more of the following:

  1. Adequate sleep.

Have you heard about the detrimental impact of sleep deprivation? It actually decreases life expectancy! No thanks.

  1. Stress Management

Stress doesn’t only reduce productivity and peace, but quality of life, and life expectancy.

  1. Pain Reduction

Old pains and injuries persist whether you are exercising or not.

Whether you tend to need a boost to get going, or you need to take it down a notch, you may be able to benefit from more balance.

Some tools that I love using personally and with clients to promote balance.

  1. Move your body with awareness. Super sore? No boot camp today. Yin Yoga instead. Feeling supple and energized? Strength and cardio intervals for the win. Only after observing your body’s typical response patterns, establish a regular weekly routine to stick with, or better yet, have a holistic trainer design one for you.
  1. Optimal rest periods between workouts.
    Working out too hard and often can take you farther from your goals, frequently blocking weight loss, while preventing muscle repair and subsequent growth.
  2. Find your flow each day for a minimum of 5 minutes to promote clarity, focus and well-being. Meditation, mindfulness, connecting with nature. First thing and last thing is best.
  3. Incorporate nutrition boosts.
    Greens mix, tonics, green smoothie with healthy fat (ie. avocado or coconut oil), dark leafy greens (ie. kale, spinach or a mix) and protein (ie. almond butter, natural vegan protein powder) to get nutrients, reduce inflammation, and boost energy. Especially if your meals are not all prepped, and time tends to gets away on you, you will already have a great start.
  4. Break a sweat every day.
    Releases endorphins, adrenaline. Intervals promote cellular regeneration. Yes please! Is time an issue? When I’m strapped for time, I run up and down the stairs between clients in condo buildings. I vary the speed for best results. Free, fast and effective. 😉 (Don’t worry, I carry deodorant in my purse…. haha.)

If it’s a challenge for you to flow, or you need a boost to get going, it could be a sign that you need more of that other side.

If you want to learn more, reply to me and I would be thrilled to help you get started. Also see below for info on how to register for upcoming programs.



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