Upon reflection on your last year, what did 2017 represent for you? 2017 was one of courage for me. The best part about it is that this time I got to choose to be brave; it was not a requirement due to my circumstances. After spending five years reestablishing my path after a divorce, settling into a new life and home with my child, and building my private fitness training business, I was ready to step out of my comfort zone again.

There are five major ways in which I leapt out of the ‘known’ in 2017. Spoiler alert: I was rewarded each time in unpredictably wonderful ways.

My five leaps were:

  1. The launch of my first personal bi-weekly blog, Coparenting for Grownups.
  2. A 10-day Silent Meditation Retreat in February
  3. Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher Training with Gabi Walters in May
  4. Volunteering at the Healthpreneur Conference with Yuri Elkaim in Arizona in September
  5. Launching my online 6-week fitness program, 10UP

These may not seem like bold steps for some; for others, they may seem unthinkable.

The point is, they were each huge departures from anything I was doing, or thought I would be doing.

Another thing they all had in common? When I heard about each of them, I immediately got excited, even a little nervous, and felt strongly only what I can describe as a little ‘tug’ saying: “this is for you”.

In each case, I decided to say ‘yes’ to it, not knowing exactly why, but trusting that this feeling meant that I was on to something. I love that sweet little precious feeling. It was right!

Finally, they all required investments of time, money or both. I chose to accept this. I chose not to listen to any excuses or ‘reasons’ not to proceed; and to be what I like to call ‘un’reason’able’.

Writing has quickly become one of life’s passions for me. Committing to a bi-weekly schedule for sharing my blog has had me creating far more regularly than if I had simply waited for inspiration. It has become a creative outlet, a valuable business tool, and a medium through which I can help others.

The meditation practice I established over the course of that ten days (meditating 10 hours a day!) is now an amazing gift I truly cannot imagine living without. Meditation has bestowed upon me added clarity, self-awareness, patience, forgiveness, and compassion (for myself and others). In essence, I have more peace whenever I practice it, regardless of my circumstances. What an incredible life tool.

The Inferno Pilates training breathed new life into me; both in my passion for fitness, and the direction that I saw my career heading in. I had been training mostly seniors, aged 55-100, for the majority of my fitness career to date. I have always loved this demographic, and saw it as my sole niche. I suddenly realized that a second niche was revealing itself. Through a more intensive and still very functional approach, I saw the opportunity to be a motivator and guide for those much younger than me as well. I made incredible like-minded friends in training. I began to attract younger clients with different needs and abilities. Since June, I have been teaching my own Inferno class, and look forward each week to working hard and having fun with my amazing students.

Healthpreneur is a live conference led by my favourite health guru in the world, Yuri Elkaim. Having followed Yuri for years and read his books, I admired his way of making fitness and nutrition accessible, and his down-to-earth approach. Never did I imagine I would meet him in person, let alone get a chance to work alongside him. One day he posted on Facebook about this amazing upcoming event in Phoenix. He was looking for 5 ‘rockstar’ volunteers with a passion for health and fitness that could help out with the event and meet and learn from the participants and speakers. ‘That’s me!’ I thought. Applicants were asked a to film a video explaining why they were a good fit. I was selected. Volunteering meant not getting paid, and the trip was not paid for. Most of the other applicants were local. I had to take 4 days off of work. It seemed like a fairly unreasonable thing to do. But being un’reason’able had been paying off in spades for me lately, so I trusted my instincts. When I got there, I had an unbelievable experience. I got to know Yuri, gained a ridiculous amount of knowledge on how to move my business forward, made a new bestie, and met dozens of other amazing inspirational health industry leaders, including my future coach. I have already signed up for Healthpreneur 2018, this time as a participant.

The coach I met guided me to pursue my passion and I developed my 6-week online fitness program, 10UP. I doubled down to get it ready for its first run before the Christmas holidays. It was greeted with much enthusiasm, and I am so humbled and excited by the positive response from the 10UP program. I look forward to the further development of these online offerings, as they allow me to help people anywhere in the world! For more information on 10UP, click here: www.leighgraham.com/10up-online-fitness-program/ 

In 2018, I will continue to listen to that feeling as it arises, and keep acting on it. I cannot wait to see what comes next.

How can being un’reason’able pay off in your life?

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